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1. You smile whenever you see her on tv, in a magazine etc!
2. You own all her movies!
3. You'll go to see a movie that normally you wouldn't like!
4. You can't get enough of her!
5. You watch her movies over and over and over... again!
6. You know all her lines by heart!
7. You dress like her!
8. You dye her hair red!
9. You want to change your name to Nicole
10. You decide to become a mail order bride (like Nadia)!
11. All you can think about is Nicole!
12. You relate all your thoughts to Nicole
13. You just broke up with your long term boyfriend and hes starting to look and act alot like tom cruise! (Alicia)
14. You want to name your kids Isabella or Connor (Alicia)
15. You Relate her movies (whether it be Moulin rouge,Practical Magic etc) to one of your Fave tv shows .. :) ( and YES i've done that) (Alicia)
16. You name your pets Satine, Gillian, Gracie, ect... (Marya)
17. You take up kick-boxing to get her legs! (Marya)
18. You go from blonde to red-head in seconds flat. (Marya)
19. You start talking in an Australian accent. (Marya)
20. You stand in line for tickets to her new movie for 5 hours. (Marya)
21. You reserve her movies on DVD 10 days befor it comes out. (Marya)
22. You know all the lyrics to Come What May, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, ect... (Marya)
23. You have all her lines from all her movies memorized and spout them out in public often. (Marya)
24. You stay up all night, every night, looking for Nicole Kidman on TV (Nicole)
25. You've memorized all her lines in her movies (Nicole)
26. You know all (or almost all) her movies and the year they were released (Nicole)
27. You know all the lyrics to her songs (Nicole)
28. You want to dye your hair red or strawberry blonde (Nicole)
29. You have your friends call you Nadia, or Grace, etc. (Nicole)
30. You and your friends that are Nicole Kidman fans have a nickname that is either Nadia, Grace, Suzanne, etc. (Nicole)
31. When you see the word "man" or "kid" you think of her (Nicole)
32. You are really (or a little) mad at Tom Cruise for divorcing her (Nicole)
33. You dump your boyfriend if their name is Tom or Thomas (Nicole)
34. When you are reading the fourms on Nicole kidman and you are smiling the entire time. (Sara)
35. When you are at the hairstylist tearing out pics of her in mags for keeps (Sara)
36. When you waste all of your money on Nicole Movies (Sara)
37. The reason you go in groccery stores is to see the mags (Sara)
38. You PRAY for her (Sara)
39. You don't like Tom, But LOVE Russel and Ewan! (Sara)
40. you go to see every movie of hers at least 10 times (Jennifer)
41. you own every magazine that even has a picture of her in it (Jennifer)
42. if you bug your friends about it every time you hear anything about her (Jennifer)
43. you have all the nicole kidman websites on your favorite list (Jennifer)
44. you keep a picture handy at all times (Jennifer)
45. you take an emediate disliking to anyone who doesn't like her or doesnt know who she is (Jennifer) go out and buy sunglasses just because they look like the ones she wore in a movie (Jennifer)
47. Your 51 years old and you want to be just like Nicole when you grow up, when you play your MOULIN ROUGE DVD every night, three times. (CATROSENC)
48. You have a huge collection of magazing clippings with either her name or picture on them (Grace)
49. You hate Tom Cruise, and Penelope Cruz, and you can't stand see anyone of them, even if it's in a painting. (Roma)
50. You can't stop talking or thinking about her all day, even if you know that, that get other people really mad. (Roma)
51. You have watch Moulin Rouge (or any other one of her movies, or all of them) at lest 30 times. (Roma)
52. You go to every premiere, of everyone of her movies. (Roma)
53. You buy magazines just because they have something on her in it
54. You spend a lot of money buying all her filsm on video/dvd
55. You cry when she wins her Best Actress Oscar!
56. You stay up all night to watch her on tv
57. All you do is think about her (Groovygirl515)
58. You buy a mag for $32.95!!! (japanese vogue) only because it has this 8 paged feature article on nic, and even though you can't understand the article because its all in japanese, you bought it for all the gorgeous pics it has of Nicole!! (ayesha)
59. You think thats she's just GOD DAMNED inpirational (Lisa)
60. in class, your writing her name 800 different ways
61. trying to learn how to write left handed like her!
62. everyday you go to google and type in her name to get the latest news
63. you check the billboard charts everyday to see how well her song is doing
64. shes your desktop on your comp and the backround on your fone
65. you're watching her movies in the movie theatre and she comes on and you freak out and grab the person beside you and cant stop smiling the whole time
66. watching her movies at home and you fast forward through all the scenes shes not in.
67. you do a search on your satellite to see if shes gonna be on any shows
68. everytime you go to the movies with friends you suggest.. COLD MOUTAIN!?! or whatever her newest movie out is.
69. you think about what you would say to her if you met her. and you practice it too!!!
70. You're happy with all her victories be with her career or lovelife and accepts the person she loves and wishes all happiness!!
71. You dye your hair red
72. You have internet at home so you can acess to NK sites any time you want! (Tulipa)
73. You beat in anybody because that person said something stupid about Nicole (Andreia)
74. You accidently replace your boyfriend/crush's name with "Nicole." (Lauren)
75. You plan to name my future daughter after her ... nicole mary (Kathy)
76. You wish to be one of her closest friends (Kathy)
77. You want to go shopping with her (Kathy)
78. When you have bought the same movie over and over again (like me!) (Billie-Jo )
79. When you defend her in every situation and always believe what she says! (Billie-Jo )
80. You go online just to look at her and to watch her on talk shows (Joanna)
81. You have a Nicole banner/picture as your siggy (Pearl)
82. You try to wiggle your nose (Pearl)
83. You dream of someday making a movie with her (Pearl)
84. Your heart will be broken when u find u creased Nicole's magazine or newspaper-cutting (Dorothy)
85. You keep all the newspaper-cutting of Nicole in a file (Dorothy)
86. You didn't watch a movie that you'd been waiting for for sooooo long because her ex-husband's girlfriend is in that movie (snow angel)
87. You try to copy how Nicole sings and dances (Fida)
88. Your first language isn't English but you watch her films in the original version because you love her voice (Laia)
89. You try to curl your hair even if your hair doesn't curl right! (Melanie)
90. You buy her biography book and read it over and over ten times,highlight all her quotes (Kristi)

Thanks to those who have contributed!!


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"It's a wonderful thing as an actress to be in your thirties and to have had a life that has taken you through a number of different experiences and tragedies - and extreme happiness as well."

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